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What are the Mobile Apps to Help Your Business?

Mobile Apps

An application or mobile apps is a computer program designed to be installed and used on mobile devices. It allows users to perform specific tasks on their terminal, such as a profession. Perform professional or recreational activities and access to services. Be aware, among others.

Therefore, we should always have the best apps on our mobile devices to help us manage our organization, security, productivity, communication with our work team, or leisure activities. In short, try to control everything.

Therefore, having a mobile app is essential today for efficient business. These are the mobile app recommendations are:


Asana is a web and mobile application designed to improve communication and collaboration between work team members. Currently, Asana allows you to control your schedule and manage your work to the smallest detail, and this is one of the best options for those who benefit from the benefits of other programs (such as Trello). Are not satisfied


It is a powerful individual and group task organizer and project process manager. Trello, in short, is traffic and intuitive online software that allows you to manage multiple projects and tasks from a series of pre-configured boards.


the box is a task manager, internal chat, and group video conferencing service. Thanks to this program, you can program and perform tasks, communicate (with this discussion, you will always be in touch with your colleagues), and send almost all kinds of files.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar stands out for its intuitive interface and allows us to integrate with the brand’s other mobile applications fully. It recently introduced a new goal-setting utility, as I will show you in the next one above. Easily create a shared calendar with your teammates or manage the necessary deadlines. This calendar alert automatically sends an email to your Gmail inbox as a reminder will send so that you do not forget anything.


Apart from its easy use, one of the reasons is that Gmail has the support of a giant (Google). You will also create a Google Account by opening your email account on this server. Which fully integrates with your email. Another advantage of this is the search engine within your email, making it easier for us to find the “email” you need to see. In addition, it has Exchange Support and POP and IMAP email accounts. Speaking of business people and freelancers, if you pay for a «G Suite account, you will be able to use Gmail under your brand domain and name.



Undoubtedly, this is one of the most used mobile applications worldwide (if not the most) for communicating with other people.

There are two main features of the WhatsApp:

  • Ease of use.
  • Promptness in direct communication.

It allows you to send texts, voice messages, photos, and videos to a specific person or group, thus increasing the benefits of using it.

Microsoft Outlook

Hotmail email platform, now called “Outlook,” covers more than one email server to communicate with users, suppliers, and even friends. And as I mentioned in my Hotmail email tutorial, its platform allows you to access many more services and resources. Such as 365 Microsoft Office, Calendar, Reminders, etc.



Skype is an app that allows us to make high-quality video calls and traditional phone calls. It is ideal for business people and freelancers who travel or need to communicate with people living in different cities as it allows face-to-face communication in real-time and with the best quality.

MyScript Calculator

This app is one of the few calculators available for both iOS and Android. With it, you can perform simple powers, trigonometry, and logarithms, regardless of whether you dedicate yourself to any field. MyScript Calculator allows us to write “manually” what we want to calculate, with straightforward and intuitive editing and use; this is an essential feature for users.


It is ideal for controlling your financial records. As it can write down your expenses, categorize them, and list your financial obligations in order and priority. Either manually or With its ticket and invoice scanner. All your payments and economic movements as a picture on your mobile or cell phone file, and access them whenever you want.



Today it is unthinkable to develop a project, business or business idea as a social profile or as a business page (depending on the case) without a Facebook account. A freelancer or entrepreneur would do well to create an account well towards his goals; in fact, this social network allows several targeted actions to achieve them.


Instagram is the leader of the visual social network and undoubtedly one of the most significant users in its field: over 1,200 million by 2020. It is ideal for businesses and freelancers who primarily deal with images and want to rapidly virtualize their product or service, especially in design or photography.



Talking about this social network means instant delivery of a short, clear and concise message to a specific audience: our followers. One of the key benefits of opening a Twitter account is that you can easily connect with other freelancers or businesses related. A particular interest and observing trends and what is happening in real-time.

Uber or Cabify

Cabify and Uber are two of the leading mobile technology platforms. This service makes different forms of transport according to their needs available to its private and business users through a smartphone app.


So far, selecting some of the best mobile apps is perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to speed up their daily tasks, which are not a few. Of course, there are thousands of them, but I think that each of the ones you have read about above is essential for that job, project, or business idea you have in hand.

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What are the Mobile Apps to Help Your Business?

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