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Invoice Management Software – Features, Advantages and More

Invoice Management Software

It is invoice management software responsible for controlling and automating billing operations. This system dedicates to collecting and capturing the values ​​of economic transactions on paper or digitally. This transaction may be for goods or services and acts as a trade-off.

Essential Features of the Invoice Management Software

All financial activities of a self-employed person or company are documented for tax and accounting reasons.

An invoice is a legal and supporting document for all exchanges of goods and services.

Billing software includes invoice templates that include all original content as per billing regulations:

  • Invoice number.
  • Date of issue (and operation date when it does not correspond to issue date). Issuer data: name or business name, NIF or CIF and address.
  • Details of operations: Goods or services are offered with their respective unit price and the number of units before tax so that the tax base is correctly calculated.
  • Tax rate (VAT and, in the case of self-employed, personal income tax).
  • Tax fee.
  • Final amount.

An invoicing program may include other elements in the invoice to highlight the professionalism of the self-implant person or company:

  • Invoice design
  • Business

The design makes the invoice a tool that is aesthetically beautiful and more flexible. However, it allows changing some parts of the template’s structure without changing its essential flavour.


Advantages of Invoice Management Software

The above procedure is not extensible, so sooner or later, you will end up in a place of chaos or rising costs. Only then will you realize that digitization is essential in your company. Fortunately, we’re here to show you the benefits of digital invoice processing, with 24/7 access to the cloud.

Invoice approval on web platforms and even mobile. Automatic reminders to expedite approval time. Consumer rights to determine which licenses can grant through employees. The flow of permissions can customize according to the company’s needs.

For example, “Barcelona” cost centre receipts must be approved by regional senator Laura, unless they are worth more than 5,000 euros, then the CEO must also support them. Approve in one click, anywhere and also anytime. Faster, more minor errors and cheaper.

‎‫ Cloud Invoice Management Software

So in recent years, and for better use, advanced billing programs have been introduced in the cloud.

Programs in cloud or cloud computing allow you to work online from different terminals or devices.

It saves the user from unpleasant surprises such as lack of hard drive space, cumbersome grades, and data loss.


Mobile Invoice Management Software

Mobile telephony, along with the appearance of smartphones, has emerged as an essential element of business management. Thus the latest billing programs offer apps for mobiles and tablets (iOS and Android), which allow access to billing information and other data registered in mobile billing and billing software.

So the development of these devices, and their increasingly widespread use for business management, will force billing programs to adapt to their circumstances, making them increasingly agile, fast, and flexible tools.

Therefore the best Invoice Management Software is:

  1. Holded – The tool to digitize SMEs
  2. Mgest
  3. Elohim
  4. SeniorFact
  5. Jasmine
  6. VisionWin
  7. Zuora
  8. odoo
  9. documents
  10. ContaMoney
  11. rejoice
  12. ContaYa

Which companies are suitable?

In any sector, every type of business has invoice statistics. It is the most widely used accounting factor. When you start a business, be it business or professional, you need billing software. Therefore billing software can be local, as it installs on your computer or the Internet. So you can access it from any browser if it is an online program. In both cases, there are advantages and disadvantages to the program.


Thus, invoice software offers an overview of economic activities: sales, purchases, customers, suppliers, taxes, etc. When choosing the best billing program for your business, you should consider these elements and other criteria.

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