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Allxs App – Services, Description, and More

Allxs App

Allxs App is a unique platform for managing your customer’s shopping and cashless payment experience. Manage your payments, point of sale, e-commerce, mobile commerce, inventory and rewards in one platform. The cross-platform system integrates the user experience on the web, mobile and physical stores.

Allxs eCommerce module lets clients launch an online and a mobile store that integrates directly into their cashless point of sale and inventory system. An e-commerce system can offer the same shopping experience across multiple vendors by adding products from various stores in a cart. The eCommerce application provides a progressive web app that loads when launched from the user’s home screen, regardless of network status, making a quick, reliable experience for users. Ensures Progressive web apps are installed without needing the App Store and live on the user’s home screen. Thus they offer in-depth full-screen expertise and can even re-engage users with push notifications.

Allxs App Services

Allxs Media Pty Ltd is a Fintech company focused on providing Africa’s premier experience management platform. To achieve this, we combine closed-loop payments with open-loop integrations, manage value, digital currency, points and vouchers, remote ordering and printing, inventory and location-based communications. The system has many applications in many industries but provides a unique opportunity for vertical items such as events, education and hospitality.

Therefore the transaction and account management systems are exceptionally versatile. It can integrate to manage digital payment verification for various applications, including loading funds into a closed system and transacting in a fixed manner which requires qualification. The solution aims to improve the customer experience by providing contextual information, engagement, and a smooth transaction environment. And improve performance and profitability.


Allxs App Description

Arrive and touch your neighborhood. ALLXS keeps your community alive. Whether you’re exploring your favorite locale or a new area. So ALLXS offers you detailed insider information, special offers and deals, rewards and VIP treatment. Full access to location-based offers, in-app ordering from your favorite outlets and unparalleled access to gems hidden in your backyard.

Features include:

Location-Based Offers Get relevant offers and promotions at the right time and place.

Mobile Commerce – Pre-order your purchases with the in-app ordering engine and avoid queues.

E-Wallet – The E-wallet integrates with in-app purchases, account management, coupons, tickets, and peer-to-peer payment functionality.

Beacon Enabled Communication – The Beacon Enabled app ensures that you receive relevant information only when you are most likely to engage with such information.

Tickets and vouchers – in-app digital coupon management and redemption are integrated into our Mobile Intelligent Point of Sale.

Mobile Intelligent Point of Sale – NFC-powered MiPos prides itself on a complete point of sale with cashless payment and credit card processing, stock management, robust reporting and rewards management and also location-based communication.

How to use the ALLXS App

  • To register a parent account, open the browser on your cell phone and enter your school’s unique postal address.
  • We recommend using CHROME as a browser for the best user experience.
  • You can also find your school portal here.
  • Please note that you do not need to create an account for your child/children. So they already have an account with us linked to their cashless band or card.


The next time you want to access an Allxs Cashless Account, just like any other app, click on the icon on the home screen. The advantage of the Progressive Web App is that it does not need to download from any App Store. Therefore managing your account has never been easier with our new Responsive application, which means it will automatically adjust to your screen size.

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