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Amazon cs11 Error – Updated, Reinstall and More

Amazon CS11

Many Amazon users were getting the Amazon cs11 error from apps such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Shopper, etc. This error mainly occurs on Apple devices like iPhones, iPad etc.

The following are the essential factors that cause amazon app cs11 error through amazon server outages.

Outdated Amazon apps: If the amazon app is not updating to its latest update, the amazon service will not be able to authority the app’s access, directing to the cs11 error.

Corrupt installation of Amazon app: Installation of amazon app is evil, then cs11error will come as some changes need to be complete in each case.

Restriction from the network firewall: network firewall (like PiHole) does not let the amazon apps like amazon shopper) Contacting its server may result in the Amazon app error at hand.


Update the Amazon App to the Latest Build

If the amazon app is not updated, then cs11 error occurs .you can see the error in the amazon app like amazon prime, amazon shopping, etc. if you update the app, the cs11 error will resolve. Before doing one, make sure that Amazon servers support the Amazon app, as they have banned the use of some amazon apps on older phones or devices.

1. Open Amazon Apps in Apple Apps such as Amazon Prime

2. Open the details of your app and make sure that the app is updating to its newest made. You can check for app updates in the Updates tab of the App Store.

3. After the update, Restart iPhone and check on restart. Amazon TCS 11 error is clean.

Reinstall the Amazon App

Improper installation of the Amazon app may cause the Amazon app CS11 to malfunction, and reinstalling the Amazon app may resolve the issue.

PRO Tip: If there is a problem with your computer or laptop/notebook, you should try using Restore Repair to scan repositories and replace corrupted and lost files. It works in most cases where the problem is due to system corruption.

Disable Firewall or Amazon Exceptions in Firewall

You may encounter Amazon CS 11 error on the Amazon app. The network firewall (like PiHole) restricts the app’s access to its servers or required domains.

So in this scenario, disabling the network firewall or adding an exception to the required Amazon domains in the network firewall may resolve the issue. To illustrate, we will discuss the process of disabling PiHole (a type of network firewall) on the Windows system. According to the network firewall and the device’s OS, you can follow the correct instructions.


Disabling the network firewall or modifying its settings may endanger the network and associated devices.

1. Now, Click on Windows and find the command prompt.

2. Now, right-click on the command prompt effect, and in the mini-menu, Select

3. Now, survey the following:


4. Once the PiHole interface is requested, on command

                               “inactive PiHole”

5. After disabling PiHole, launch the problematic app. hopefully, it is clear 0f cs11 now. If so, then add Amazon domains to PiHole.In general, the following fields need to enhance:



6. Then, perform the following in the Eleventh command prompt

                                        “active pihole”

So if none of the above works, you can use the browser version of the Amazon app or any other platform app like the Android version of the Amazon app.

Yes (until the problem is solved).


Therefore, To clear the amazon CS11 error, either method does not work for you. Recommends using a repair tool to scan repositories to replace corrupt and lost files. It works in most cases where the problem produces by system corruption. Resto will also optimise your system for maximum performance.

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