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08 Jun 2023

Logistics Apps  for Development Company

Logistics Apps

We help implement logistics apps and transportation. We develop apps for the logistics sector for iOS, Android and Windows devices that allow businesses to grow and meet their needs and objectives.

Implementing mobile applications for logistics and transport and other technical solutions simplifies process management, making it more agile, efficient and efficient. With new technologies and mobile devices, industries are changing, creating new ways of working and creating more business opportunities.

Why the need for a Logistics App?

Smartphones have made people dependent on electronic devices, becoming a necessity. Mobile applications benefit drivers, users, and fleet owners and make their day-to-day activities easier.

Gone are the days of manually visiting tours and deliveries in the industry. Smartphones are the best for managing human resources quantity, travel distance monitoring, route status and vehicles in the field, planning, assignment and general management review.


Types of Transport and Distribution Logistics

There are different types of logistics transport for the distribution of goods. The choice between one depends on the points between which the product move, distance, the types of commercial interests, the capabilities of the company and the clients’ needs.

That said, the main types of transport logistics are:

Air transport logistics: It is the most expensive because it is the fastest for long-distance and motorized logistics transport.

Maritime Transport Logistics: When it comes to long-distance travel, it is the most economical, but it is not the most efficient, as transportation times are postponement.

Ground Transportation Logistics: These distributive logistics are rail transport and road transport.

Rail Transport Logistics: Land Transport Logistics is dependent on others to comply with the distribution chain as it has rigid and unchanged transit routes. However, it is the most suitable logistics transport for long distances by land.

Road Transport Logistics: It is the most flexible and can be carried by different vehicles: trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

Benefits of Mobile Applications for Logistics

Introducing an app in a logistics company helps in management and decision-making. In addition, it improves the services provided to customers and speeds up the process. With the development of software solutions, so you can:

  • Improve resources.
  • Control inventory and billing.
  • Scan product.
  • Save costs.
  • Improve communication between the company, employees and customers.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Monitor information and data.

Applications for Logistics Management

Web Flat Mobile: This Android application controls the fleet’s day-to-day operations. Logistics professionals can manage their business in real-time from their phones or computers.

Logistics: Manages all logistics, warehouse and also logistics management needs. Tracking drivers, vehicles, shipments and customers is an image in this all-in-one app. Plus, it’s free.

Scandit: Inventory, thanks to advanced technology that allows scanning, bar code scanning improves the process.

Evernote: It’s not specifically for the logistics industry, but it’s an excellent tool for organizing documents, images and files. Because of this, it has become a general application for everything related to the supply chain. It improves the productivity of the chateau le and makes it easier to move documents on the go.

Smart tachograph: Its GPS technology lets you know each career’s work and rest periods, the selected routes, kilometers travelled, and speed is also beneficial. It uses to pay tolls and reserve parking.

UberFreight: A version of the famous passenger transport application for trucks is also available. So it keeps professionals in touch with customers who need to meet their long-distance freight needs.

AEMET time: Therefore, the official application of the State Meteorological Agency provides detailed information about the weather. Send alerts and notifications with weather updates for any area.

Winter list: Life as a truck driver is very busy, and also responsibilities can be easy to forget. With this application, so you can create daily to-do lists, compile reminders and share data with colleagues and senior executives.


Therefore the right app can make all the difference for warehouse and logistics professionals who rely on smartphones or tablets to make their job easier. So adopting state-of-the-art innovations in logistics applications is the cheapest and easiest way for any growing business to succeed.

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