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The Raids are the top of the most important new features of silph-road Pokémon GO. These cooperative battles against powerful Pokémon are a unique attraction. The only problem is that sometimes, we don’t have enough trainers. So far. Sulfur Road now offers its tool to help us find help.

What is r/The Silph Road?

Sulfur Road focuses primarily on discoveries and analyses related to Pokémon GO and building a personal network of Pokémon GO fans. General discussion topics (jokes, stories, recent catch image) would probably be better for another subdivision.

Anywhere you go in the world, you drive and have a friendly, local self-road community that will help you learn about the surrounding Pokémon nests or a group of local species. It will support trade.

Sulfur Road Content Policy

Sulfur Road design promotes high moderation/politeness and high-quality content and discussion. You can read our policies in the sidebar, but don’t be surprised if a comment removes for being rude, obscene, or off-topic. We try to promote civil debate about the game. We are the first real people network, and volunteers build this network! If you want to make a complaint or bring something to Niantic’s attention, your post will be more relevant.

We will become the best

App entitled Self Radio. Available on its official website, it will allow players to find partners for these impressions, as long as we are Reddit users. It will help us turn on notices and invite other users who are close to joining the fight. Messages can be via text or mail, and when the group forms. We can also enable notifications for future team tactics if you wish.

A year of Pokémon Go


Pokémon GO has been one of the most successful mobile games of the past year. Niantic’s title was a commercial explosion when it launched last summer, and although it has not had equal success in recent days, it is trying to find a new impetus with its update. We recommend that you refer to our guide.

Pokémon Go Update Includes Flashing Screens, Nintendo Working on a Fix

Niantic has answered to reports that a recent update of Pokémon is causing vivid images that could potentially harm photo-sensitive players. The developer responded to various outlets saying they worked “as soon as possible” to resolve the issue.

The issue was the first account on The Way of the Silph Reddit, which states that when players tapped it to catch a Pokémon. A “bright white flash” appeared across the catch screen. An epileptic athlete reported that he was causing himself to become ill while playing, saying that they were “signs of an upcoming tour.”


Therefore Pokémon GO is an augmented reality application designed by mobile ecosystem expert Niantic Labs. It encourages players to explore their surroundings with their smartphones and catch and discover new Pokémon. Will That way, Pokémon will live in natural habitats and ecosystems where we have to go to see them. There may also be a Bluetooth ‘wearable’ device with the title, which will let us know where these little pocket monsters are.

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