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Xbox Scarlett – Characteristics, Specification and More

Xbox Scarlett

The new generation of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles will completely revolutionize the video game industry, providing users with a different and much more immersive experience. These devices would accompany new functionalities that the community has demanded, such as streaming services or cloud storage systems without the need to use hard drives.

We are going to talk about the newest news we have about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. We will analyze its main specifications, price and estimated launch date. And to finish, we will briefly compare what we can expect from both devices.


Characteristics of the New Generation of Consoles

Sony and Microsoft will bet heavily on cloud gaming, online subscription services and video game streaming. It means that games in physical format will disappear over the years to adapt to a digital environment. Another significant change is that these consoles will have the necessary power to endure throughout their life cycle. Or at least this is the intention of the developers. Both platforms have already had negative experiences with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

They were presented shortly after the launch of PS4 and Xbox One, which caused significant discomfort among users. In addition, video game companies did not want to limit themselves to advanced versions, so at no time could the improvement of memory, CPU and GPU take advantage.

Xbox Scarlett Specification

The hardware of the Xbox Scarlett (popularly known as Anaconda or simply X) has also recently reveal. It has the same CPU as the PS5, a Custom 8 core / 16 thread Zen 2 . Same storage capacity and memory. The main change we have is in the GPU. It is also a Custom NAVI, but in this case, at 12 + teraflops, so the fps rate will increase considerably, and the graphics will look sharper.

Xbox Scarlett Performance vs PS5

Without being officially announced, we still have data and parts related to the performance and internal specifications of Xbox Scarlett vs PS5. There is no console to name yet. Conventional wisdom says Sony will call its system PS5, while leaked information suggests Xbox Scarlett is Microsoft’s codename. However, Scarlett could come in two flavors: Lockhart, the affordable version, and the much more powerful Anaconda. Lockhart is probably the cheapest and offers an experience that’s only a modest improvement over Xbox One X. However, Anaconda will undoubtedly be a more substantial upgrade to Microsoft’s current generation of consoles. It will be priced similarly to the Xbox One X. PS5. That’s why we compare the most powerful version of Xbox Scarlett with PS5.

We know that the PS5 will use AMD chips in all areas. It includes an 8-core CPU running on a modified version of the Ryzen line. This CPU uses the “Zen 2 7nm microarchitecture”. Assuming the processor has similar performance to the AMD Ryzen 7 lineup, we could get roughly twice the maximum speed of the PS4 Pro.


The latter has revealed more news regarding the savings between Xbox Scarlett vs PS5. With this console, Sony will eventually transition from hard to solid-state drives, as Wired’s interview with Mark Cerny shows. We don’t yet know the console’s storage capacity, but we do know that it requires more bandwidth than is used on current PC systems. This means that games load much faster, especially compared to the base PS4 model released in 2013. Microsoft has not provided any info about the size or type of storage device included with Xbox Scarlett. Since Xbox One X is currently available with a capacity of 1TB, we assume that at least this storage space will be open.


Finally, it speculates with excellent support for Virtual Reality ( VR ). Almost certainly, we will be able to acquire it for the next year, 2020, since this generation still has some crucial games to offer, and that is precisely the pending account of Xbox.

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