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A Flexible Wrist Phone that You Can Wear on Your Wrist is Finally Here


Lenovo shows prototypes of flexible wrist phones and tablets that can fold like a book. Lenovo made a new type of wrist phone which is very comfortable and looks smart. They started to produce this kind of phone in 2016. Your dress is beautiful, but it has no pockets. So where are you going to put your phone? Well, you might be able to wear it on your wrist phone if you get the Plus smartphone that Lenovo unveiled at its Tech World 2016.

In 2016, Lenovo presented its prototypes of foldable devices. Then, a year later, the company introduced a more polished concept with its Lenovo Cplus, a foldable smartphone fitness band.

A Wrist Phone Smartphone Like No Others

Unveiled at the company’s Tech World conference a few years ago, the Plus is a phone that folds around your wrist. Call it a phone bracelet, if you will. The Plus has a 4.26-inch screen that fits on your arm.

  • Smart display
  • Flexible screen
  • FlexWorks is like a smartwatch, too
  • Strong grip

Show Your Photos on a Big Screen

The idea of the Folio is that you can have your regular smartphone whenever you want, but if you want to watch a TV show or flash a photo, you can quickly turn it into a great tablet. Listen to music, podcasts, and radio. Stream your favorite shows, movies, and videos right to your TV. Every Lenovo Smart Display has Chromecast built-in so that you can enjoy voice-activated entertainment throughout your home.

Wrist Phone Convert to Tablet Also

Wrist Phone Convert to Tablet Aslo

This is the Folio concept of the first phone to tablet design. When folded, the device can function as a 7.8-inch tablet or a 5.5-inch smartphone.

Lenovo’s Foldable Wrist Phone: at A Glance

The video shows a large phone with noticeably large bezels on both the top and bottom with a foldable screen and chassis. Interestingly, the phone folds around a hinge and appears to fold outward, meaning it can wrap around your wrist and function like a smartwatch. Also, there are some black dots around the edges of the screen, suggesting it could be a prototype.

Lenovo’s Foldable Phone Will offer Fitness Capabilities, Suggests Software

The device remains seen running a forked version of the Android operating system. However, the exciting thing is that the user interface changes once the device remains folded. The app drawer is pushed to the top and replaced with fitness-related features like step count, calories burned, and distance traveled. This means that the device can also be folded and used as a smartwatch.

Smartphones have evolved considerably in the last two years. Flagships have come a long way and become much more powerful, but budget and mid-priced phones aren’t far behind. A smartphone no longer means compromising overall performance for those on a budget between Rs 15,000 and Rs 25,000. Even better, if you buy a phone for less than Rs 10,000, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with an all-plastic laggard with poor performance and camera. There is no doubt that players like Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Motorola have been game changers in the budget segment in India.

Our list of affordable and mid-range smartphones in 2016 was impressive. However, as with the flagship phones, remember that this remains based on the phones we reviewed this year.


You can find Lenovo’s wrist phone because they remained established in 2016. If you want to know about wrist phone, the information above is complete for you. Between the Moto 360 and the G Watch R, while we liked the Moto 360’s clean, minimalist style, the black bar running across the bottom of the screen mars its sleek design. Add to that poor battery life and often slow transitions, and it’s a deal breaker for us. On the other hand, while the G Watch R’s chunky, angular aesthetic looks more aggressive and masculine, it also feels much more like a watch, especially with its faux diver’s bezel. Its excellent battery life, beautifully sharp display, ability to wear any standard 22mm watch strap, and speedy processor sealed the deal for us.

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