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Money is any item or medium of exchange people accept to pay for goods and services and credit. It makes the world go round. Economies rely on money to facilitate transactions and drive financial growth. Economists usually define money, where it comes from, and how much it is worth. These are the diverse properties of money.

How is money measured?

But how much money is there, and what forms does it take? Economists and investors ask this question to determine whether inflation or deflation exists. Money is divided into three categories to make it more recognizable for measurement purposes:

M1: This money category includes all physical denominations of coins and banknotes; demand deposits, current accounts, and NOW accounts; and travelers cheques. This money category is the narrowest of the three categories and essentially consists of money used to buy things and make payments (see Active Money section below).

M2 – Using broader criteria, this category adds all the money in M1 to all time deposits, savings account deposits, and non-institutional money market funds. This category represents money that can remain easily converted into cash.

M3 – The broadest money class, M3, includes all funds included in the definition of M2 and adds all large time deposits, institutional money market funds, short-term repurchase agreements, as well as other larger liquid assets.9 M3 means a the money supply of a country or the total amount of money within a country National economy.

Active Money

Category M1 includes what remain known as labor money: the total value of coins and paper money in circulation.7 The amount of labor money fluctuates seasonally, monthly, weekly and daily. In the United States, the Federal Reserve Banks issue new currencies for the US Treasury.10 Banks lend money to customers, which becomes active money once in active circulation.

Variable demand for cash corresponds to a constantly fluctuating amount of active money. For example, paychecks are often cashed or money is withdrawn from ATMs on weekends, so there is more cash in circulation on a Monday than on a Friday. Public demand for cash decreases at certain times, such as after the Christmas season in December.

How money is made?

We have discussed why and how money, a representation of perceived value, remain created in the economy, but another important factor related to money and the economy is the way a country’s central bank (the central bank in the United States) operates States is the Federal Reserve or the Federal Reserve) works The Federal Reserve can influence and manipulate the money supply.

Of course, if the Federal Reserve wants to increase the money supply, perhaps to stimulate economic activity, the central bank can print it. However, physical banknotes only make up a small part of the money supply.

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