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Trimmers are electronic devices designed for cutting short hair, like face and body hair. They feature small blades that cut close to the skin, making them particularly suitable for dry shaving, buzz cuts, precision detailing, and – you guessed it – trimming.

Unlike hair clippers which cut through long hair easily, trimmers are better equipped to tackle smaller areas. For instance, hair on the face and around the ears, neckline, and sideburns. They can also be used to define mustaches, shorter beards, and stubble.

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Which Trimmer Is Best For Hair Cutting?

Like how the type of facial hair you have determines whether a beard trimmer, detailer, or t-blade trimmer is best, your hair length and thickness determine which hair tool is best for you. A multi-purpose hair trimmer is the best if you have short hair or want a close-cut look.

However, if you have longer hair or want to remove a few inches of hair safely, a hair clipper is more suitable. Hair clippers come with various guards and attachments, allowing you to safely control how much hair you remove whilst preventing you from cutting too close to the skin.

If you prefer a clean-shaven style or to remove the hair completely, opt for a trimmer with a shaving function or a foil shaver.

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