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What are the Features of the Viofo A139?


We have already highly praised the Viofo A139 despite being a relatively obscure name in the dash cam game. The company offers excellent value for money in its 4K Viofo Pro Duo package, which features a surprisingly sharp 4K resolution front camera and a Full HD rear unit.

The A139 isn’t precisely the successor to this dash cam but rather an additional offering that throws another camera into the mix. A newcomer is an indoor unit that monitors the vehicle’s cabin in Full HD, with the added benefit of six infrared LEDs to capture images even in the lowest light.

3-Channel Dash Cam and Super thin Coaxial Cable in Viofo A139

A139 comes with a front camera (140°), an inside camera (170°), and a rear camera (170°) to simultaneously record 1440P+1080P+ videos 1080P@30fps. With two independent internal and rear cameras, you can flexibly install it anywhere. In addition, the A139 3-channel dash cam uses ultra-thin coaxial cable and miniature connectors for interior and rear interconnects. You are providing a more accessible and discreet installation than traditional cable types.

Viofo A139 With Built-In 5ghz Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connection and VIOFO mobile app provide access to settings options. In addition, the rear indoor front camera views record video playback and download/share video files.

Built-in GPS: With a GPS recorder, a three-channel dash cam can record current speed and GPS location, and a timestamp can be embedded in the video. The real-time rate will remain displayed on the car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.

Anti-Glare CPL Included: The CPL (Circular Polarized Lens) is mounted on the front lens of the dash cam to reduce reflections and glare from glass and road surfaces, dramatically improving image quality and contrast in many situations.

Super Night Vision and 6 Infrared LEDs: The A139’s interior camera incorporates a 6-element infrared LED light that allows. The camera records cabin activity in total darkness for driver protection and passengers. All 3-channel dash cams use Sony sensors to ensure an excellent image day or night.

Built-in Microphone: 3-channel dash cam captures sound to provide robust evidence during police stops and other incidents, giving you all-around protection. It also supports an optional external mike to meet all needs, suitable for families, carpooling (Uber/Lyft), taxi driving, vlogging, etc.

Voice Notification: When you set up the dash cam, or the camera has an error while recording. It will speak in English to remind you of the camera’s status. In addition, it will help you complete the setup wizard successfully and diagnose problems you don’t need. to worry about leaving to record without letting you know.

Newest Ultimate Dual Channel Dash Camera Viofo A139 2CH

Newest Ultimate Dual Channel Dash Camera Viofo A139 2CH


The A 139 2CH is the dual channel dash camera from Viofo. It includes a wide variety of valuable functions. It is suitable for all driving situations, including driving for the family, rideshare(Uber), taxi driving, etc.

A139 2CH shoots front road at 1440p 30fps rear road at 1080p 30fps at the same time. Rich and detailed scenes, including license plates, can easily capture day and night, giving you full protection. The screenless design makes it as low-profile and stealthy to reduce attention as possible. Suitable for all kinds of driving needs. No matter what happens, Viofo A139 always supplies reliable evidence for you.


Viofo A139  is made with new features helpful in driving taxis and family. However, with an RRP of around £220 ($270 / AU$350), the Viofo A139 competes with many fantastic cameras on our best dash cams list. At the same time, the company’s A129 4K dual dash camera setup remains offered at the same price. Therefore, the high-resolution A129 (with rear screen) is the best buy unless you need interior images.

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