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Smart Gadgets Write For Us

Smart Gadgets Write For Us

A smart device, as the name suggests, is an electronic device that can connect, share content and interact with its user and other smart devices. Although typically small, smart devices typically have a few gigabytes of processing power.

What is a smart device?

Context awareness is the ability of a system or system component to gather information about its environment at a given point in time and adapt its behavior accordingly. Cameras, microphones and receivers from global positioning satellites (GPS), radar and lidar sensors are potential data sources for contextual computing. A context-aware system can collect data from these and other sources and respond according to preset rules or through computational intelligence.

The core aspect of autonomous computing is that one or more devices perform tasks autonomously and without direct command from the user. For example, our smartphones make suggestions based on our geolocation or the weather. To accomplish this (seemingly) simple task, a smartphone must be autonomous and use contextual data to make decisions.

Connectivity refers to the ability of a smart device to connect to a data network. Without connectivity, it makes no sense for a smart device to be autonomous and context-aware. Network connectivity, whether wired or wireless, is a critical feature that allows a device to be part of the IoT.

Do smart devices need people?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all smart devices are designed to interact with people. If you think like that, just think of the most common smart devices, such as smartphones, smart TVs or smartwatches. There are so many more options. A smart device can interact with people directly or indirectly. For example, a weather probe could collect weather data and transmit it to the IoT. Of course, humans will ultimately use this data, but the weather probe did not require direct interaction with humans.

Do smart devices need to be portable?

Does a smart surveillance camera have to be mobile? Remember the three rules: contextual awareness (it’s a camera, which means it passes the test), autonomous computing (it uses computer vision to detect specific objects), and network connectivity (it sends a report of the detected objects to you Server). No porting is required in this example.

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