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Discover the first city on Mars, a project that could improve life on Earth news with views. Information to nearly two million views and almost 1,200 comments, the majority are asking for more care for Earth instead of considering colonizing other planets.

This news, from Euronews Living, remains to publish at the end of March. Presents the Nüwa project, the capital of the five cities designed to house a million humans on the red planet to live more sustainably than on Earth.

This vertical city is located in the northern hemisphere of Mars. It has homes, offices, and also green spaces built into the Martian cliffside. And all have been thought out to protect the inhabitants from atmospheric pressure and radiation while providing them with indirect sunlight—the creators of the project estimate that Nüwa could start construction in 2054.

Wild Dolphins Have their Personality, Just Like Humans[News with Views]

At parties, extroverts and rowdies, those who always want to play games, sing, or dance, always make themselves known. For their part, the most reserved people stay in the background, away from the center of attention.

Research into the personalities of animals (from insects to songbirds; from octopuses to primates) has revealed similar divisions: in every population, news with views, there are shy and bold individuals.

Such differences can affect an animal’s survival. Because In some situations, it is better not to be afraid and such as looking for food or a mate.  In other cases, being shy is less risky for reproduction, and larger offspring are produced.

How they find Dolphins’ Behavior Famous News with Views

A scientist has reported the first discovery of such personalities in a wild population of bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Aranci, Italy. Daring dolphins can be helpful to your group, like when it comes to finding food, for example. In addition, these extroverted individuals can spread important social information among group members, such as feeding opportunities.

We knew dolphins had these personalities in captive studies, but that’s not their everyday life. Now we know that wild dolphins have personalities, and they’re important in their social system, just like in ours”, explains Bruno Díaz López, a biologist.

Director of the Organization for the Study of Bottlenose Dolphins (BDRI) in O Grove, Pontevedra, and author of the new research.

Moreover, their analysis reveals that the more friendly. Dolphins had stronger social relationships than the shy ones and also observed in other species, news with views. But only under controlled conditions, such as aquarium fish.

This study should be applauded for testing these expected links in real life, where data is tough to come by,” says Orr Spiegel, a behavioral ecologist at Tel Aviv University who was not involved in the study.

The Most Famous  News With Views of 2020

The Most Famous  News With Views of 2020

  • Planetary Conjunction
  • Whatsapp is always very Present in our Communications

Planetary Conjunction-Most Watch News With Views

It was the event of the year. The grand conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn on Monday, December 21, the closest since 1623, was the favorite news item of the year. People worldwide have managed to see and capture the beauty of this planetary alignment. That has dominated our night skies for the past few months.

The alignment was very close, and also there won’t be another until 2080.

Whatsapp is always very Present in our Communications-News with Views

The article on how to change the font in our WhatsApp conversations is among our readers’ favorites, who mainly use the world’s most popular instant messaging application.

Here we have explained how to use the typewriter font and also, which is one of the most used in social networks, or complete applications to change the font and font of the application.


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