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Question about Who’s Mr. Whitman in Eternals


If we are talking about the most popular production houses So that marvel studios is one of them producing the most popular movie franchises. Now they have a series of Eternals which is streaming on Disney plus. In this movie, the most famous character is Mr. Whitman. So, who’s mr Whitman In Eternals? Continue reading to learn more.

Eternals One of the latest accompaniments to the MCU’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe is Eternals. It is the 26th film in this franchise. The director of this film is Chloe Zhao. He also co-wrote the screenplay with Ryan Firpo, Kaz Firpo, and Patrick Burleigh. So who is Mr. Whitman in Eternals? This fashionable question will answer shortly.

A character from the premiere named Dane Whitman becomes a topic of discussion. Kit Harington takes over the role, also called the Black Knight in the comics. Professor Dane Whitman is a scientist and historian who works at the Natural History Museum in London.

Dane Whitman, a mortal human, fell in love with an Eternal named Sersi (played by Gemma Chan). During his journey to becoming a Black Knight by Dane Whitman.

The Plot of Eternals? Who’s Mr Whitman in Eternals

  • The Eternals are an alien race made up of immortal beings. And also, they were sent by Celestial thousands of years ago to Earth to protect it from the Deviants.
  • Eternals are immortal and also can only see against Deviants.
  • The film follows the Eternals in their efforts to unite against a looming danger.

Who Is Mr. Whitman In The Eternals, Mr. Whitman?

Mr. Whitman is a reference to Dan Whitman; an actor Kit Harrington played the role.

He plays a human currently in a relationship with an Eternal named Sersi. He is a professor at the Natural History Museum in London.

Kit Harrington is a minor character and does not see much screen time. However, the character mentions several times throughout the movie that he needs to talk about his family’s past. He remains also explores in a post-credit scene. Users were naturally interested in the character and asked who Mr. Whitman was in Eternals.

Dane Whitman and a comic book superhero go by Black Knight. The superhero wields a magically cursed sword.

We didn’t fully see the character in Eternals, but we anticipate seeing more of him in subsequent Marvel movies.

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Black Knight – Dane Whitman, Marvel Comics Explained

Black Knight – Dane Whitman, Marvel Comics Explained


In Marvel Comics, Dane Whitman, shown in the Eternals, is the Dark Knight and the Ebon Blade wielder. Ebony Blade is a cursed sword known as Thor’s dark opposite, the hammer of the thunder god Mjolnir. The sword only shines in the shadows, meaning it responds to the darkness in its wielder’s heart.

The darkness of the sword attracts Dane Whitman, who is thirsty for blood. By acquiring the sword, Dane could control the pages of Marvel Comics and become a superhero. In Marvel Comics, Dane Whitman was already a member of the Avengers, and before the team members went their separate ways, Dane had a brief moment with each of them.

Like the Eternals’ first MCU, Dane Whitman remains romantically involved with Sersi in Marvel Comics. Dane Whitman became Sersi’s “Gann Join,” who was Sersi’s anchor when she contracted an eternal disease known as Mahd Wy’ry.


In Marvel Comics, Dane Whitman and Eternal Sersi have separated, and also Dane uncovers the truths of his family’s history. But in addition to his own, Dane wants to know Black Knight’s secret, which remains hinted at in the Eternals post-credits scene.


Nowadays, everyone mainly searches who’s Mr. Whitman in eternal. Because however, here is some information about Whitman that is helpful for readers. And Also about his feature projects.

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