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Longest Neck in the World

Longest Neck

If you want to know who has the Longest neck in the World and the thickest neck in the World, then you are at the right place. This fun and factual guide will introduce you to some of the most remarkable long-necked humans worldwide.

Padaung Women


Believe it or not, the neck is essential when seduced; a long and thin neck is very impressive for a man. Still, there are some formal and some exaggerated cases, such as Padaung women who belong to the ethnic culture of Kian. They call them giraffe-necked women or long-necked women. These women wear rings around their necks, increasing with time; they hold their neck all the time and lengthen it as much as possible; these rings are also adornments of these women.

Manuel, the Man with the Longest Neck in the World

discovers that, long ago, everyone in town knew about Manuel. At first, they looked at him with some curiosity. Of course, it was not easy for them to meet him because if they wanted to greet him, they had to shout so that he would listen to them. Those who tried to talk to him had to be patient and wait until he regained his composure so that he could speak comfortably. Time passed, and Manuel fell in love with everyone because he was a kind, hardworking, and good neighbor. Manuel felt very comfortable in the city because no one made fun of him or pointed the finger at him all the time.

The 16-year-old has the Longest Neck in the World

Lyudmila Titchenkova lives in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. After age 10, her parents say their daughter’s body began to grow faster: Ludmila grew taller, and her arms were longer than those of other children her age, but the main concern was the length of her neck. And your spine was abnormally twisted. She was diagnosed with morphine syndrome, a rare genetic disorder of connective tissue that can affect many portions of the body, most often the heart, blood vessels, bones, joints, organs and eyes.

The World’s Longest-Necked Animal



The giraffe’s long neck (giraffe Camelopardalis) is an evolutionary feat as well as a biomechanical mystery. It has seven spines the same size as humans, although they are much longer, and the joints that allow it to move are more complex.

Gerenu c


One animal in the African savanna can disturb us: gerenu c. It is the longest neck gazelle in the World. The name means “giraffe’s neck” and is of Somali origin. The appearance of the gerenu c leaves no room for error: with a long, slender, long neck and a short and narrow head. Very disproportionate to her body. It has big eyes and ears as well as a pointed snout.

Only males have heavy horns. They are taller and more severe than their aristocrats. Biologists at the University of Alberta have discovered a new species of skeletal long-necked dinosaurs in China.


Chi-jyang-lon (pronounced? Chi-jyang-lon?) It is about 15 meters long and lived in the Late Jurassic about 160 million years ago. Its name means “Kejiang Dragon”. The discovery was complete near Qingjiang, near Chongqing. Incredibly, the dinosaur’s head was still attached. “It is rare for a long-necked dinosaur’s head and neck to come together, as the head is small and easy to break when the animal dies.


The neck is one of the essential human organs that can maintain body posture. It is what unites the head and the trunk. It is not only an explanation of what it is but also what causes neck pain in people at first sight.

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