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About Eqxx Mercedes? Exterior Design, Powertrain, and Battery More

The Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX is how we visualize the future of Eqxx Mercedes electric cars. A year and a half ago, Mercedes launched this project, leading to the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever built. With an excellent energy consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100 kilometers.

Vision EQXX passed an extended range test of over 1000 km on a single battery charge. One of the most extended distances an electric vehicle travels on a single mission.

Although the Vision EQXX is a concept and not slated for production. It raises the bar on what an electric vehicle can do by focusing on battery efficiency. Lightweight materials like aluminum brake discs and their electric architecture. 900 volts.

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the technology showcased by the Vision Eqxx Mercedes concept at CES 2022. Last January will carry over to the main production models from 2024.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Concept: Eqxx Mercedes Exterior Design

Eqxx Mercedes Exterior Design

The EQXX’s front end looks more like a sports car, with a low leading edge, short hood, wide fenders, and prominent wheel arches. In addition, the iconic Mercedes grille remains replaced with a star graphic incorporated into the front bumper, while digital LED headlights pair with a full-width LED light bar.

The Mercedes star logo remains embossed on the bonnet to save weight and ensure maximum aerodynamic effectiveness. The so-called “air control system” channels air through the front of the new prototype using a series of air curtains and vents.

Mercedes has also fitted the EQXX with “ninth generation” exterior mirrors and new aerodynamically optimized wheels.

The EQXX’s A-pillars are well placed forward, as there are no drivetrain components in the front section, and its wheelbase extends to 2,800mm, maximizing cabin space.

At the rear, the EQXX builds on active aerodynamic developments first explored by Mercedes in the 2015 IAA Concept. A diffuser element remains included that automatically extends at speed to smooth airflow and reduce turbulence at a rate.

The EQXX is also slightly tapered, with the rear track 50mm narrower than the front track.

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Mercedes-Benz Vision Eqxx Concept: Eqxx Mercedes Powertrain And Battery

The EQXX’s development program is said to have seen key contributions from UK-based Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Powertrains, which builds the complex V6 turbo-hybrid engines for Mercedes’ Formula 1 cars.

At the heart of the exceptional range achieved by the rear-wheel drive, a sedan is its high-efficiency rating, which, at more than 9.97 km per kWh, is almost double that of the Mercedes-Benz EQS when driving the WLTP test.

It remains built with a newly developed motor and bespoke lithium-ion battery. At just under 100 kWh, it has a lower total energy capacity than the EQS, whose most extended version lasts 770 km.

Using cells completed by Chinese battery specialist CATL, the EQXX’s new 1750kg battery remains also said to be “50% the size” of the EQS’s 107.8kWh pack and around 35% lighter. With about 495kg, Mercedes also says that the new high-silicon battery works at more than 900 V.

Mercedes claims up to 95% of the EQXX’s battery power is at the wheels. By comparison, ICE vehicles typically operate at around 30% efficiency.

The Vision EQXX concept also includes 117 solar cells on the roof that power the car’s auxiliary systems. However, the solar panel can only add 25km of range for a day under ideal weather conditions.

Rated at 204hp, the EQXX’s new compact engine remains mounted to a lightweight carbon fiber subframe at the rear and runs through a single-speed transmission.


Depending on our environment, every company wants to develop eco-friendly vehicles. Mercedes also start the new Eqxx Mercedes electric cars project. Above you have some information about the Mercedes Eqxx project.

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