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Did Cam Newton Play Basketball? Childhood, Career Highlights, and More


Cameron Jerrell Newton is known as Cam Newton. Now, most people search like him like this did cam newton play basketball? He is an American football player who has played for the Carolina Panthers as a quarterback since 2021. He also has played for the New England Patriots in Twenty-Twenty.

Cam Newton earned the nickname “Super Cam” for his strong performance as a quarterback. He now holds the career-leading record in rushing touchdowns as a quarterback. However, Cam Newton’s day of birth is May 11, 1989, born in Atlanta, Georgia. He has several NFL records for his imposing performance as a Carolina Panthers quarterback.

Now that Cam Newton’s career is sadly reaching its waning years, it’s easy to forget how he subjects the league not too long ago. When he won the league’s MVP award in 2015, he was famous for displaying impressive athletic feats, especially with his running game in the red zone.

Seeing a player move as he did, it was only natural to question if Newton played any other sports seriously before pursuing football. But, unlike many other QBs, the answer in Cam’s case is no.

What about his Childhood? That time he Did Cam Newton Play Basketball

Now, Did Cam Newton Play Basketball

In 2013, Newton sat down with a news channel to discuss his earlier years. “I quit baseball when I was 14 because I remain scared of the pitches,” he explained. “The kids start getting well and throwing quicker, and it would’ve hurt getting hit by that ball, so I stopped playing. That left a void, so I started playing basketball in the eighth standard. My mom always wondered how I could feel afraid of a little baseball when I always had these huge guys racing me,” he said. “It’s a good question.”

When I played baseball in childhood, my friends and family encouraged my interest in basketball. But what is even extra thrilling is that he chose to participate in intramural basketball, albeit when he was already a professional footballer.

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Cam Newton’s Early Career? Now, Did Cam Newton Play Basketball

Cam Newton was named the NFL’s “Most Valuable Player” in 2015. Additionally, he remain named the NFL’s “Offensive Player of the Year” the same year. So let’s discover the answer to the request, “Did Cam Newton play basketball?”

He was a three-time Pro Bowl winner. He has selected awarded in 2011, 2013, and 2015. In 2015 he won the Bert Bell Prize. 2015 is considered one of the most important for Cam Newton with his best performances and achievements. He also holds multiple NFL records as a quarterback involved in short touchdowns and fast attempts.

School and University

Newton stopped playing baseball at fourteen, leaving basketball shortly after his high school career. Later, he graduated from Auburn University with a prestigious degree in sociology at the end of 2015. Newton attended Westlake High School in Atlanta and played for his high school football team. As a 16-year-old junior, he passed for 2,500 yards and 23 touchdowns and rushed for 638 yards and nine touchdowns, drawing attention from top college programs.

What is Cam newton’s net Value

Cam Newton has multiple income sources. Newton received numerous awards, including earning millions in salary, signing bonuses, and sponsorship deals. In addition, he has a net worth of 80 million.


NFL fans were intrigued by Cam’s involvement in basketball because specific football skills he displayed resembled the skills of a basketball player. Now, there is no idea he can newton play basketball. Did you find the answer to ‘Did Cam Newton play basketball?’ If yes, comment your thoughts below.

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