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About Brooks Launch 9


The Brooks Launch 9 is the latest model in one of the brand’s distinctive lines. A lightweight and reliable running shoe, you’ll likely see it worn by endurance enthusiasts as well as casual weekend runners. I invited my friend Rachelle Kuramoto to test the model for this review. She’s a little top runner with over 20 marathons under her belt. She was the first female Master to cross the finish line in her last marathon. Not only does he race a lot, but he’s also been using the Launch range since its introduction.

The Brooks Launch 9 is a simple, lightweight daily trainer that can be used for long runs, quick runs, or anything in between. Runners looking for an everyday running shoe with a simple, seamless design will be happy to add the Launch 9 to their rotation.

What You Will Like in this Brooks Launch 9

  • 2mm extra foam in the midsole
  • Quick heel-to-toe transitions
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh

With an extra 2mm of foam in the midsole, the Brooks Launch 9 is even more protection while maintaining the lightweight construction the Launch line is known for. In addition, the new Creel Wrap Mesh upper provides comfortable foot support. Then at the same time, the durable green rubber outsole helps runners transition faster and more efficiently with its thin yet durable design. As a result, the Launch 9 is a versatile option for regular runs and fast efforts when extra protection is needed.

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What is the Technology Used in Brook Launch 9

What is the Technology Used in Brook Launch 9

Type of race: Roads, Daily races, Speed ​​training

Pronation: Neutral

Surface type: road, track

Best for fast feel, fast transitions, responsive handling

The redesigned upper features a Creel Warp mesh that is extremely lightweight and breathable.

BioMoGo DNA: Provides cushioning without weighing you down. It adapts to your stride, weight, and speed.

The green rubber sole helps the foot move quickly from heel to toe. Green rubber earned its name because it remains made from silica instead of petroleum, making it a more durable material.

Midsole drop: 10mm

Weight: 7.1oz/201.3g

What is the Characteristic of Brook Launch 9

  • These feature lighter BioMoGo DNA cushioning than their predecessors for a dynamic and responsive ride.
  • Redesigned midsoles help your feet move quickly from heel to toe
  • Redesigned upper with Creel Warp mesh, designed to be extremely lightweight and breathable
  • Midsole height increased by 2mm for more responsiveness
  • Green rubber soles facilitate quick transitions
  • Touches of reflectivity on the upper

Riders find the ride close to the NB FuelCell and Puma Nitro but a bit firmer. One expert said he “felt stiff and like he had too many shoes on.” Many surprised runners were expecting a slightly cushioned insole. Instead, they left comments like “extremely hard/steep” and “you feel tired after walking for 15 minutes”.

However, some riders differentiate between stiffness and firmness, and this review summed up Launch 9 by saying, “Firm feel without a stiff feel.” The lab also denied this because the shoe scored 4/5 for torsional stiffness (5 being maximum stiffness). For fans of Brooks, insiders explained that he feels like the Phantom but a bit more aggressive.

When testing the Brooks Launch 9, what surprised us was the difference between the flexibility at room temperature (22.7 N) and after spending 20 minutes in the freezer (37.8 NO).

Launch 9 has a difference of 66.5% in these two measurements, while the average difference for all shoes in our lab is 32.9%. So you have been warned: store your shoes at room temperature.


Streamlined, fast shoes add extra fun to all your miles. The lightweight cushioned Brooks Launch 9 Men’s Running Shoe is light enough for race day yet durable enough for everyday runs.

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