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How to Set the Alarm for 3:30?

Set the Alarm for 3:30

Set the Alarm for 3:30 on your Android phone or tablet, press and hold the home button or say “Hey Google.”

  • Say or write the alarm you want. For example:
  • “Set an alarm for tomorrow at 3:30 .”
  • “Tomorrow, wake me up at 3:30.”
  • “Set an alarm at 3:30 called ‘Tasks.'”
  • You can say, “Hey Google, stop”, or tap Dismiss to stop an alarm.

To snooze an alarm, you can say something like “Hey Google, snooze” or “Hey Google, snooze for 5 minutes,” or press Snooze.

How to find and Cancel an Alarm?

Scheduled on your Android phone or tablet, press and grip the home button or say “Hey Google.”

Say or type a question or command. For example:

  • “What alarms were set?”
  • “Show me my alarms.”
  • “Cancel my 7 am alarm.”

How to Change the Volume of an Alarm?

Scheduled on your Android phone or tablet, press and grip the home button or say “Hey Google.”

Say or type the volume you want to change. For example:

  • “Change the alarm volume.”
  • “Open volume settings.”
  • “Turn up the alarm volume.”

How to Set and Change Alarms on iPhone?

With the Clock app, you can turn your iPhone into an alarm clock. You have to open it from the home screen or Control Center. You can also ask Siri to set the alarm.

How to Set an Alarm?

  • Open the Clock app, then tap the Alarm tab.
  • Tap the Add button.
  • Set a time for the alarm. You can also select one of the following options:
  • Repeat: Touch to set a recurring alarm.
  • Label: Touch to give the notice a name.
  • Sound: Touch to choose the sound of the alarm.
  • Snooze: Check to display an option to snooze the alarm when it rings.
  • Tap Save.


How to Modification the Volume of an Alarm?

Go to Settings > Sounds and vibration.

Under Ring & Alerts, drag the slider left or right to set the volume. As you do, an alert sound will play so you can hear how the book goes down or up.

Turn on Switch with buttons to use the volume buttons on your device to change the alarm volume.

How to Edit an Alarm?

  • Open the Clock app, then tap the Alarm tab.
  • Tap Edit in the top left corner.
  • Tap the alarm, make your changes, and then tap Save.

How to Delete an Alarm?

  • Swipe left on the alarm and tap Delete.
  • Tap Edit, the Delete button, then Delete.
  • All Edit, tap the alarm and then tap Delete Alarm.

If the Alarm Volume is too Low

The Do Not Disturb option and the sound/silent Switch do not affect the alarm sound. If you set the sound/mute Switch to Silent or turn on Do Not Disturb, the alarm sound will still play.

If the alarm doesn’t sound or the volume is too low, or if all your iPhone does is vibrate, do the following:

Adjust the iPhone’s volume. If the alarm volume is too low or too high, press the volume up or down button to adjust the volume. You can also drive to Settings > Sounds and vibration and drag the slider below Ring and alerts.

If the alarm only vibrates, ensure the sound is not usual to None. Open the Clock app, bang the Alarm tab, and tap Edit. Tap the alarm, tap Sound, then select a sound.

So if you connect headphones to your iPhone, the alarm will play at a set volume through the phone’s built-in speakers and wired or wireless headphones.

It’s not optional to manually set the iPhone time in Settings to change the behaviour of an app, such as a game timer, as it may affect alarms.                 “Stop”.

Note: A general alarm will sound if your speaker or display is not connected to a Wi-Fi network when the media alarm is due to say.

What is an Alarm?

An alarm clock is an expedient used to wake up with a sound (a noise, music or radio station ) or a light one at a particular time and day. It can also be commonly called a beep. A mobile phone can contain an alarm clock function or include a schedule (which differentiates between mornings, afternoons, days of the week, and series.) with an alarm and therefore function as such. Thus in both cases, they would be called “mobile phones with alarm clocks”.


Alarm sounds are only played on speakers or screens. They do not play on other streaming devices (TVs or speakers) associated with your speaker or display.

You can change the alarm tones on Nest displays once you start an alarm. So you cannot change the general alarm tones on the speakers.

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